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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Volks vs. Obitsu, Round 2

I came into this particular comparison with a bit of prejudice.

After the last round, where the Volks doll stood out so much, I expected the Obitsu doll to be inferior.

It turns out....
I was wrong.

From the moment I opened the Volks package, I could tell it wasn't going to go their way.
The plastic feels flimsy, like a dollar store barbie knock off.

The Volks doll has ONE thing in its favor:

It comes with larger boob sizes.

Te cleverness of the Dollfie Dream jointing system is not even remotely echoed here.

In fact, moving the arms at all is a great way to get them to fall apart and/or ave the hands fall off.
They don't seem to realize that at that scale, hiding things doesn't need to be done in a complicated manner.
The size alone makes it harder to notice the pegs and things holding the joints in place

So all in all, I wouldn't call this a victory for Obitsu, as much as a slaughter of Volks.

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