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Monday, May 14, 2012

Risen from the dead!

Both me and the 1222 are back to life.
It's an interesting machine, the idea of the IDT is pretty cool, but not one I would choose for myself.
You want to know how tell which machines are better?
Look at the market.

Take old straight stitch machines, as an example.
The Model 66 machines...pretty much valueless.
the model 15 machines...Sell for 150-200
the Model 201 machines..sell for 225-300
And any straight stitch machine that isn't one of those or one of the ancient beautifully decorated ones, I wouldn't touch.
The Pfaff 130 sells for 275-400
The Singer 306...same functions, stupid needle choice, sells for about 50$

The 1222 goes for around 200
The Bernina 930, same functions but no IDT, goes for around 1200...

Quality always wins, in the long term.

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