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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

A bit of autobiography?

My mother had several 'addictions' in her life.

There were two among there that were chief:
1. Knitting.
2. Romance novels!

When I was a child, almost every weekend, she and I would go to a craft store. We would go through all the skeins of yarn, looking for patterns she didn't already have. My other siblings were too old/not craft oriented, so it was always just she and I.
I used to buy the liquid embroidery tubes, and decorate with them.

I always wanted to learn to knit, but she was not a good teacher.
Well, that's not exactly true. She was a teacher as profession, but when it came to instructing her children, she had really very little patience. I think part of my exacting nature comes from her.

We would also go together to the used bookstores, and she would hunt through the racks of romance novels while I perused the fantasy section.
I wonder if the covers of those 'bodice rippers' influenced my fashion sense?

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