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Friday, April 6, 2012

Never shop for machines when you're tired/cranky

So, I went to look at a sewing machine that had been posted to CL today, after eating a very large lunch..
I was tired, full, and really not in the mood to analyze the value of a machine.

The machine itself was a Bernina Record 730, in a cabinet.
The price was reasonable, though it was missing an extension table and a portable carry case.
I think because it was set up in the table, those pieces were probably lost to the ages.

But I knew.. I don't really have the space or desire for another 'table only' machine.

And then.. the tired kicked in.

So, I ended up telling the woman selling the machine.
"You know, you can get a lot more for this machine if you just take a sponge and CLEAN the crap off of it. It's filthy. No one wants to spend hundreds of dollars to buy something that is dirty. And get some sewing machine oil and squirt it in there where the little red marks are, and then run it for a bit. It'll get rid of all that stiffness and make it much nicer for when the next person wants to try it. You can get 4-500$ for this machine, which is more than twice what you're asking, with a little work."

"Wait, you're telling me it will sell for about 2x what I was going to take from you for it? Then why don't you want it?"

"I just told you, it's dirty. I'm too tired to clean it"

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