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Friday, April 27, 2012

Feeling torn...

I'm trying to make a decision.
Whether to keep the 930 Record or the 1030 Record....

The machines:

I have a nearly full set of accessories for each, including walking feet and Cut-n-Sew thingies.

The differences:

The 1030 has a total of 26 built in stitches. Admittedly, I use about .. 4 of them (6 on a very adventurous day)

The 930 displays 26 stitches, for some bizarre reason omitting the other 14...
Yes, there are reversing versions of each of the stitches. 

The 930 has  4mm stitch width 

The 1030 has a 5mm stitch width.

The 1030 has no LEDs. The 930 has a red and green light to show you which mode you're in.
The 1030 has a mechanical gauge to show you the ideal foot, stitch length, and stitch width for the stitch you've selected.

The lighting is SLIGHTLY better on the 1030.
the thread cutting is functionally identical.

The case for the 930 is the most insane case for any sewing machine ever while the 1030 uses that same modern 'slip over' hard shell case.

Any thoughts?


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  2. Mark,
    First of all, I've never offered to by anything outside of the eBay site...I think you might have me confused with someone else(also indicated by the fact that you called me by the wrong name in your email to me)

    As for the rest...
    (Please don't take any of this as a personal attack, it's not meant that way)
    I don't buy machines at estate sales and then just flip them.
    I don't sell any machine I can't warrant.

    Saying that you took a machine somewhere and they looked at it and said it was great, when you have no documentation to prove kinda silly. I could say that my machine was sewn on by the King of England, and he thought it was peachy!
    See what I mean?

    Also, telling me what things sold for on eBay is also kinda silly. I know where the completed listings button is. So I could counter with 'Well, yeah that machine sold in Feb. But last week a machine with case and all sold for $485'
    The seller of the machine you are referring to also offered pictures to show the machine was capable of sewing.

    You see what I mean?

    You may in fact be the most honest person on Earth, and this may be a great machine, but from your ad I would have no way of knowing that, because you offer no proof.
    What I offer, I offer knowing that I might have to do a lot of work to the machine.
    It's what the machine, as it now stands, is worth to ME.

    You are quite free to turn the offers down :)

  3. Hope you feel better soon. Being new here I am not sure but do I understand you may sell some of your machines? If so, might you have a moment for me fulvialucianoATyahooDOTCOM Thank you!