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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Crazy weekend...

this weekend was!
I had a few clients come by the house, to try and/or buy machines. They were all very nice people, which is great.
I've had a few people who were either scammy or 'stick up the behind'y and either one is not fun.

And I got an email form my favorite sewing instructor/designer/seamstress saying her machine was broken.
That would be Bree of Breedom, btw.

So I popped on over there and got to help her out.

She sews on a Bernina 930, so really.. fixing things that go wrong is fairly easy :)

And today, I encountered someone who claims to do costuming/vintage reproduction sales.She asked if I sell the dresses I make and when i said no, she said 'we need to change that'
Eh, we'll see. 99% of my sewing is done as a test for the machines I'm working on. It's serendipitous.
Sewing for other people.. dunno how well I'd handle that.

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