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Monday, March 26, 2012

Among the changes

to my sewing/repair/dancehall..
oh, right. I don't dance...

Where was I?

So there I was, knee deep in the swamps of Guam, surrounded by a herd of...
wrong story?

Ok then!

With the redesign of my primary space, I have made one change that may prove to be very significant!

I took the doors off the closet, and built shelves into it.
Now, when you combine this with adding rollable storage racks for my actual BOLTS of fabric...
(The one on the bottom right was given to me by Nicole, she's such a sweetie)

What you get is a really great place for my fabric stash!
So cool!

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  1. haha you make me laugh. and thanks for the shout out :) My shop is if any one is interested. Thanks!