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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Sewing on the 1030

I can honestly say, I think I've found MY machine.
This machine is not as quiet as my 201.
But then again.... nothing is.

But there's something really wonderful about it's array of available stitches, and the reversing patterns.

It's smooth.
It's steady.

For a modern machine, or even for a vintage zigzagger, it feels SOLID.
There are no cheaply made bits to this thing.

How well does it sew?
Well, I had no difficulty going through layers of denim.

Another thing I love about mechanicals is that the decorative stitches are never going to wear out or start looking funky. They are what they are and that's what they always will be.


  1. Hi,
    This is Tamara L. I followed your link from PR and wondered if I could ask here about your rewire on the Nova foot pedal. I guess I was thinking that I might not have access to the part of their site where you posted instructions. I don't know if this is ok to ask...I just don't have a paying membership there.
    I can check back here for info or if there is a link to your email?