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Thursday, December 8, 2011

But first!

A word from our spons... wait, no, I don't do commercials...


You may remember way back when I said I was going to be working on some cargo pants.. or not, if not look back there <--.
So, I found a pattern that looked like it would be something I liked, Hot Patterns Weekender Cargo pants.
I bought it.

See, I'm picky. 
When I spend $20+ on a pattern... I sort of have high expectations for that pattern.
maybe that's unreasonable.

But despite the fun/glib text on the front of the package, I found/am finding the instructions to be somewhat confusing. There are several things where the creator apparently decided you already knew what you were supposed to to, so they sort of skim right over it.
Oh, also.....there's a bunch of printing errors on this pattern. Their cut lines don't match up.
Yeah, so.. No.
I have used cheap patterns before with little to no difficulty.
I guess I'll stick with those.

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