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Thursday, December 1, 2011

And while I'm on the subject...

of the 1008, I decided to use it to make my newest fall dress.

Here's the bodice, finished.
I changed the neckline and sleeves.
I'm not sure how much ornamentation I'll give it, at this point.
We'll see when i get the form done.

What am I learning?
Well.. the 1008 is actually a really good machine. I mean really.
I knew from the testing that I did that it didn't suck, but making this dress on it has really shown me it's capabilities.

I'll still sell it, just because I have 4 bajillion other machines to use. And this machine falls into the same mental space as my 1030(which I will use for my next dress). So if I had to choose between this and a 1030, well that's really not a fair thing at all.

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