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Thursday, December 15, 2011

The 1030 review begins!

Here she is, my new 1030!
Oh wait... I guess she's being shy!

That's better!

I think she feels more comfortable fully dressed!

Ok, time for real reviewy bits: 
This machine has 26 stitches built in, including decorative and utility. the biggest difference between this and the 830 is the reverse stitches. For a mechanical machine, this is fairly awesome.

The controls are still pretty much exactly the same as they've been since the original 530.
With the addition of the knob to switch between single direction and dual direction stitches (the green stitches move from side to side, the red move side to side and back and forth)
There's really nothing here that's hard to use or complicated to grasp.

In fact, to make it even easier, when you select a stitch the machines displays the correct setting/foot for use with the stitch.
Pretty darn easy.

The only thing I don't like about this machine is the change in the body type. The 730 is still my favorite in that regard. 

There are a LOT of features added to this machine, even compared to the 930.
Normally I'm not much of a 'feature freak' but given that this is a mechanical machine, I'll allow myself a bit of flutteryness.

What's the #1 feature that the modern machines have that most vintage mechanicals lack?
Right, needle up/down.
This machine has it.

The lighting is really interesting as well. rather than using a single bulb, it uses a smaller bulb on each side of the needle bar, thus eliminating shadowing.

I'll go into more depth about the machines actual sewing ability later :)

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  1. .....and it's pretty too. Love the cabinet as well. Good find.