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Thursday, November 17, 2011

807 adventures..(another eBay cautionary tale)

In my quest to collect the vintage Berninas, I recently acquired a Minimatic 807 off of eBay.
I chose this particular one because it was intact, with the red case, the accessory case, the extension table, the manual....the whole enchilada.

So, I won the bid, and I get an email from the seller saying she will ship it out the next day....

And then it starts getting squirrelly.

About a week later, after no contact and assuming my new machine was indeed winging it's happy way to me, I received an automatic notification that a shipping label has been created for the machine in question...

Wait, what?

So, I hop on my eBay and send the seller a question:

"Hi, you said this went out a week ago, this makes me nervous. Do I need to worry?'

To which she replied (paraphrasing):
"Oh no, no need to worry, I just went to California for a week and forgot to ship it before I left. I'll do it as soon as I get home."

Ummm, oookkk....

I decide to ignore the warning lights flashing through my head and attempt to exercise patience. I am not known for patience.

A few days later the package arrives on my doorstop.

Looking at the outside of the box, my heart began to sink, it was torn, it wasn't firm, basically it was a study in what NOT to do when shipping pretty much anything.
The cardboard box was about 8" taller than the plastic case, which gave the case lots of room to move about and destroy the packaging from the inside. As well as damaging the case itself...

Here's where the story gets weirder:
I opened the plastic case, expecting to find a nightmare of destroyed machinery and broken attachments.

Holy crap!
Inside was a completely different story. everything was carefully padded with styrofoam and wrapped in bubble wrap. It's like it was packed by two separate people, and only one of them was an idiot.

There were some things missing from the package.
The only one that I can't live without is the manual.

Soooo, I contact her again through ebay and ask where the manual is.
and she tells me that she must have forgotten to put it in the box and she will try to send it out right away.

Annnddd then nothing.
So I contact her again and she says she's not at home but will be back on Wednesday and will be sending it out expedited mail on Thurs...
On Weds I contact her to see if it's gone out annnnnnnd ....nope!
apparently she won't be back til today, and she'll send it out this afternoon..

Now, this may seem like quibbling, but really this is a deal breaker to me. If I don't get the manual, I'm going to go after the whole eBay purchase protection thing.
Is it trivial? possibly.
 But I paid for something and what I received is not what I paid for.
I'll forgive the missing feet, but the manual is too much of a pain in the butt for me to be willing to spend down my time tracking down.

And I shouldn't have to.

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