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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

In the mail

I received something odd and interesting.

It was a Thanksgiving card from a customer to whom I'd shipped a machine in CA.

In all my years, I've never gotten a Thanksgiving card before!

Who knew?

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

I border on madness

like Moscow borders on Russia......
So, I have this new fiendish plan.
It could also be idiotic.
Hard to say for sure.

What I am doing is this:

I am taking 3 machines to 3 different shops to repair. Now you may say, "But D, that's madness1 You do that exact kind of work yourself! Why would you possibly want to pay someone else to do something you can do?"
The answer is easy.
I don't always have the time to work on all the machines that people want me to fix. So if I take these machines out to places, I can get a feel for who is good enough for me to refer people too.
And I can see what other people's quality is like.

Most of them offer a one year warranty....
I wonder why they even bother. I warrant the machines I work on/sell for the life of the.. welll... me.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011


My cat does her part and guards the fabric for the next dress!
So diligent!

At the risk of being somewhat

Here's that set ON:
the pantaloons are JUST longer than the shift :)

Oh and the completed denim dress/apron combo.
It looks a little mottled because it's raining and we had to do an emergency gutter de-clogging....

Monday, November 21, 2011

The lovely N

over at "Fits all who fit in" gave me a bunch of pretty fabrics last time she came to visit!

I finally did something with some of it:


They're both longer than my usual, to go with the Fall/winter dresses :)

4th fall dress

is underway.
The fabric is a little different than most of the others...

Also, I made a new underwear set to go with the longer/ thicker dresses :)

Once I finish this dress, I have one more to make and then I am done with the Winter series.
what will I make next.....
who knows?

Friday, November 18, 2011

New apron to go with the green dress :)

The downside

to the more modern Bernina design:
It's harder to get access to the needle area to fix issues.
I know there's probably a simple trick to it, and once I learn that I'll be abashed that I ever didn't know it.
But for now it's a bit of a pain in the butt!

The older machines with their metal shells with hinges were much easier to work on.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Needs a servicing..

The 1030 needs a bit of work, mostly I think because it was unused for a long time.
Now, who do I know that works on vintage Berninas..........
Oh, right, me!

It arrived...

And the contrast could not be more severe.

While the other package was sort of a shambles, this one arrived looking as precise as a building block:

And inside...

A solid block of styrofoam with niches for each accesory(each individually wrapped in bubble wrap)

After the purchase had gone through the seller contacted me to say she noticed a scratch she hadn't seen before, so she was including a bunch of extra stuff....
Like a Cut N Sew in it's original packaging. 
and some feet, and 33 bobbins(real Bernina) and spare lightbulbs and a replacement needle plate..

She was very communicative and I couldn't be more pleased.

As a contrast:

I will be posting the story of my new 1030, very soon!

807 adventures..(another eBay cautionary tale)

In my quest to collect the vintage Berninas, I recently acquired a Minimatic 807 off of eBay.
I chose this particular one because it was intact, with the red case, the accessory case, the extension table, the manual....the whole enchilada.

So, I won the bid, and I get an email from the seller saying she will ship it out the next day....

And then it starts getting squirrelly.

About a week later, after no contact and assuming my new machine was indeed winging it's happy way to me, I received an automatic notification that a shipping label has been created for the machine in question...

Wait, what?

So, I hop on my eBay and send the seller a question:

"Hi, you said this went out a week ago, this makes me nervous. Do I need to worry?'

To which she replied (paraphrasing):
"Oh no, no need to worry, I just went to California for a week and forgot to ship it before I left. I'll do it as soon as I get home."

Ummm, oookkk....

I decide to ignore the warning lights flashing through my head and attempt to exercise patience. I am not known for patience.

A few days later the package arrives on my doorstop.

Looking at the outside of the box, my heart began to sink, it was torn, it wasn't firm, basically it was a study in what NOT to do when shipping pretty much anything.
The cardboard box was about 8" taller than the plastic case, which gave the case lots of room to move about and destroy the packaging from the inside. As well as damaging the case itself...

Here's where the story gets weirder:
I opened the plastic case, expecting to find a nightmare of destroyed machinery and broken attachments.

Holy crap!
Inside was a completely different story. everything was carefully padded with styrofoam and wrapped in bubble wrap. It's like it was packed by two separate people, and only one of them was an idiot.

There were some things missing from the package.
The only one that I can't live without is the manual.

Soooo, I contact her again through ebay and ask where the manual is.
and she tells me that she must have forgotten to put it in the box and she will try to send it out right away.

Annnddd then nothing.
So I contact her again and she says she's not at home but will be back on Wednesday and will be sending it out expedited mail on Thurs...
On Weds I contact her to see if it's gone out annnnnnnd ....nope!
apparently she won't be back til today, and she'll send it out this afternoon..

Now, this may seem like quibbling, but really this is a deal breaker to me. If I don't get the manual, I'm going to go after the whole eBay purchase protection thing.
Is it trivial? possibly.
 But I paid for something and what I received is not what I paid for.
I'll forgive the missing feet, but the manual is too much of a pain in the butt for me to be willing to spend down my time tracking down.

And I shouldn't have to.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Incoming!(and other things)

I got a Bernina 1030 on i wait for it to arrive with baited breath!

Finished the green dress and I'm moving on to a sort of stripy one.
I'm also making grocery bags from excess fabrics.I figure with 7 billion humans on the planet(which is about 3 billion more than it can actually support) every little bit helps. So I will completely remove our use of plastic grocery bags.

It's not politics, it's survival!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Fall dress # 2!

And no, the pants still aren't finished....

this one is in denim, lined in a nice floral :)

Friday, November 4, 2011

It's fairly simple and straightforward, lined bodice and skirt. :)

Dress is finished!

I'm pretty pleased with the results and will get some picks up later!
Yay for warm winter dresses!
(I'm still less than 1/2 way through the can tell where my heart lies)

I ran into the spouse of N the other day.
It's always sort of disorienting when I encounter people I know/like out in the real world(as opposed to having them to my house)
It actually took me a few seconds to figure out who he was, because he wasn't wearing a hat!
(Every time I've met him, he's had a hat on, and my mind works like that...)

They are both truly lovely people :)

I may have found a maid!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

The bodice is almost done

and I am left with a dilemna:
Do I line the skirt or not.....

it'll get a little complicated if I do, as putting both the fabric and lining through the ruffler together might be problemish.

I also finally figured out what I'm going to do with some of the fabric given to me by Nicole, new sets of underwear!
can never have too many shifts/pantaloons :)

I have a pet peeve....
that I really didn't know about until yesterday.
If you're driving on a 4 lane road, and you are going 5 -10 miles UNDER the speed limit, for the love of the gods get over into the right hand lane.
It's both rude and annoying.
Anything you do that increases the frustrations of other people, within the limits of reason obviously, is rudeness.
This is a lesson it has taken me a long long time to learn, and I'm still trying to get the hang of it.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

After the busy season..

I've got 2 projects going, each on a separate Bernina 1130.
One of them is the cargo pants, the other is a fall/winter dress in a green fabric.
I'm lining it in that other green.

Yeah, I know, I haven't really finished reviewing the 1130.
Let me put it this way:
I bought 2 more of them.
I'm keeping at least one of them.
Everything I hate about computerized machines is absent from this machine.

Now you may ask "Is this machine BETTER than the earlier models?"
Well, no.
Not really. But it IS as good.
It's got a bunch of stitches/features that are interesting if superfluous.

the biggest difference, for me, is the bobbin winder is on a separate motor, so you can wind a bobbin at any point, even while sewing.