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Saturday, October 8, 2011

From the ground up.

I had almost gotten the new Nova back together, when I realized I really wasn't 100% satisfied with how it was running.
It was just not quite 'there'.
So, I made an executive decision. I decided to take it all the way
apart and do a complete rebuild.

After redoing the wiring, I started going over every bit of the mechanics.

Which means I had to disassemble it.


She runs perfectly now.


  1. You know I think my foot control is a round saucer shape- I think.I like taking my machines apart and cleaning/oiling them but I don't know how brave I would be to do this! I went through my vintage chandelier phase and re-wired those but sewing machines seem more intimidating! Tamara

  2. It's really not that hard.
    the round foot pedals are notorious for dying, so I replace them with something still cute.
    Is there someone near you that can do this type of thing?
    You could ship it to me and I'd do it, but that might be more money than you want to spend.