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Thursday, October 20, 2011

The Bernina 1130

My first reaction to the 1130 was twofold:
1. All of the earlier machines came in these amazing protective cases, ranging from suitcases for the 530/730, to the famous red box for the 830, then the over the top Giant Lego block construction used to house the 930(which is probably the most amazing case I've seen ever.)  But not the 1130.
The 1130 has a sort of hard plastic shell that drops over the machine. It does not completely enclose the machine, nor does it latch on in any way. The handle built into the machine itself pokes up though a slot in the top, for carrying.
It's not a BAD design, and the built in carrying compartment is fairly clever, but it just is not as protective/robust as one might hope.

When you hear 'computerized machine' you probably thought of all the weight that would save....

This thing is heavy, and when I say heavy I mean... not at all light.
There is a bit of plastic here, the back plate is plastic, but the body of the machine is metal, and most of the internals are metal as well.
Remember those old Radio Shack calculators that were the size and consistency of bricks?
This is the sewing machine version of that.

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