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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Today's repair job!

I had a first time customer come by today with a machine for me to fix, as well as her significant other.
They were both extremely polite, which is always nice.
A lot of the younger kids (and by that I mean 40 and under) seem to think they need to impress me with their arrogance, as if that will keep me from .. who knows?

One of my favorite sets of people to deal with are N and M, for this very reason. They are polite, they are courteous, they are truly a joy to work with.

Anyway, that's a digression....

So where was I?
Right, couple today..

They brought by a decent 70s Kenmore machine that was behaving badly. Before their arrival I was doing my mental gymnastics in anticipation of a new puzzle to solve.

I love solving puzzles.

They came in to the house, and I got a chance to look at the machine.
C explained to me what was going on, and it sounded like a timing issue.

Until I looked at the bobbin area, and turned the handwheel.

I had one question for them:
"Have you replaced the needle?"
The needle tip was bent about 7 degrees, slight enough that it wouldn't be super obvious if you weren't sure what you were looking at, but more than enough to cause her issues.

I explained this to them, C seemed embarrassed until I told her about rebuilding an entire machine front to back only to find out I'd put the needle in backwards...

I sent them off in search of new needles, and wished them 'Bon Fortuna!'

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