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Friday, September 30, 2011

The Singerman cometh

forgive the drama..
I got the 411G from Singerman12 on ebay today.

First, the shipping:
I am detecting a common thread with machines packed/shipped by people of French descent.
This package could have been hit by a train, and the machine wouldn't have noticed...
Seriously, it was a pain in the butt to open, which is always a good sign.
Amazing job of ensuring the machine arrived safely.

Second, the machine itself:
I can say without hesitation, they do the same quality of work I do. The machine is great. She runs clean and looks great.

If you see a machine being sold by these guys, I can 100% say I would feel comfortable recommending their work.

Eric & Serge, if I wore a hat, I would be doffing it to you!
(Usually when I buy a machine off eBay, I know there are going to be things I need to do to it in order to feel comfortable using it, this is the first machine ever I've gotten that was completely good to go from the moment I took it out of it's byzantine shipping packaging)

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