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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Say Hello to my Leetttle Freeiind!

Seriously though, how often do you get to combine Al Pacino and sewing?

So here's one of my newer acquisitions:
Oh wait.. that is just some weird plastic box with BERNINA printed on it!

But wait... there's something sticking out of it!
Ahhhh, that's more like it!
It's like a sewing machine in a hard candy shell!

The case is in terrific shape, I just need to fill it with the appropriate thingies.

Now, when I got him, the foot pedal and controller board were both shot to hell. BUT thanks to a fellow poster over at a different sewing forum, I got a hold of the wiring diagram, and was able to add a new pedal/power cord!

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  1. Hi! A shot in the dark, but I'm attempting to get my Bernina Nova 900 back in operating order. Looks like it needs the same make-over as this one has had, but I can't find the wiring diagrams and images mentioned in (also back in 2011). Any chance you still have those ever-so-helpful diagrams?