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Friday, September 2, 2011

Nova renewed!

So I said I wasn't happy with the way the Bernina Nova looked with all that extra crap stuck to it...
So what could I do about it?

here's where the original control was wired into the bottom, and you can see the two cords I added poking up through that hole.
You can also see the scorch marks where the old board flamed out! Yikes!

I pulled the wires back through the hole and took the plugs off their ends.

I threaded a decent length of wire through both the power supply hole (about 12 feet) and the foot pedal cord hole (about 6 feet)

both of the wires going to the lamp attach to the power cord wires

one of the wires going to the motor attaches to the lamp+power wires,and then it gets wrapped.

one of the foot control wires attaches to the other motor wire, and the other foot wire attaches to the other lamp+ power wires, and then they ALL get wrapped.

The bottom plate gets screwed back into place

and there we have it. no extra crap.
I ordered a cuter foot pedal to replace that one....

Much more fitting to my sense of elegance

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