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Thursday, September 29, 2011

A new experience

I've been working on a few 500As.
Getting them into tip top shape.
I came across something I've never experiences before!
This is a Rocketeer:
Those dials in the front allow you to change the pattern of stitches produced by the machine.
Pretty cool right?
Well, the machine I am working on is doing something I've never seen before.
The selector knob, when pushed all the way in to release the cam that's engaged, is disengaging completely.
The little thingy that actually moves the selector pops completely free.
This thing.

Now the reason for this, I believe, is there's a little brass fitting that is supposed to control the depth of movement, and it's out of whack.

So, this afternoon I shall be tapping this in and testing!
(If it's not that I may have to take the whole cam stack system apart to find the error...)

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