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Friday, September 2, 2011

Deeper into the rabbit hole..

This is the stitch selector section of the Pacesetter.
As you can's sort of a pain in the butt.
Which has taught me a sort of valuable lesson about myself. 99.8% of the time I cam look at an object and KNOW how it works. I see the interrelationships of the moving parts and how it all comes together.
In cases like this, where I am NOT seeing it, I get lazy and I push the thing to the side rather than struggle...
Bad me.

I will overcome my own tendencies!
Here's the body once I pulled out the motor and control board.
For the mid 50s...this machine is fantastically advanced.

Another thing I'm thinking:
I kind of don't like this solution, I find it inelegant.
It WORKS, but it's not very... pretty.
SO, now I am considering taking things a step further, and actually rewiring the light/foot pedal/power cord internally. basically, I'd strip that plug down and move all the wiring into the space were the original control board used to be.

Must ponder.

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