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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Complications seem to follow me!

So, my etsy store..
all of a sudden all of the transactions on it started getting marked as 'pending' and not showing up on my Paypal account...
So I called Paypal and ranted, and they said 'it's not us, it's etsy!'
(and I really did rant and rave)
(which I then felt bad about)
The next step was to check my etsy account settings.
Lo and behold, somehow my payment thingy had gotten switched back to the paypal account I used when I first opened the etsy account ages ago. The problem with that is that I deactivated that account and switched to the business one over a year ago....

Which left me in the enviable position of having to cancel the transactions and explain to my customers what had happened.

But wait, it gets better!

So I try to contact etsy to see what could be done....
There's no way to actually contact them.

I sent a support email...
And two days later I still have heard absolutely nothing.


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