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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Back to the light..

I am not really sure how much I like it.
It's definitely cooler than the incandescent bulbs, and the light is pure white....
but it doesnt seem nearly as bright.

The Bernina bulb, in the few hours it actually worked, was closer to the fabric ,as those lights are mounted in the front of the machine, and so it seemed much much brighter.
This bulb.... welll...
Now it could just be that I am predisposed to thinking this light is bad, due to the cost and appearance. 
So, I'll do a comparison!
On top is an incandescent bulb, on bottom the bulb from 123sewinglights.
The LED light is cooler both to the touch and visually. But the incandescent is radiant light, not directed. 
So even though the individual LEDs may be brighter than the other bulb, the other bulb gives off light all around, not just in one very specific area.

My conclusion?
For what this bulb cost, you can go to a thrift store, pick up a super cool floor lamp and equip it with multiple compact fluorescent bulbs.
This bulb is an almost cute, bad investment.
I won't be buying any more of them or recommending them to any of my clients.
At 1/2 the price, it would almost be worth it just for the gimmicky-ness. But at what they charge? Not even close to being a good buy.

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