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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

221 light

So, I ordered an LED light for the 221.
(yes, I know I start almost every post with 'so..' it's kind of my thing!)

There's an old saying:
"You never get a second chance to make a first impression"

The packaging it was sent in was.. unimpressive.
There was no receipt or invoice in the envelope.

Just a lightbulb in a plastic bag.
Now, the bulb itself appears to be MUCH more finished than the ones made for the Bernina machines.
But that's not really saying much of anything.

There are still drips of glue, and capacitors sticking out of the Lucite.
Basically, this is NOT a 40$ lightbulb. Well, that's what they charge, but just based on the physical presentation of the thing...I have to say it's not worth it.
This is a $19.99 garage band special.

And that's before we've even tested the performance...


  1. I've already determined that I won't be buying any of these, but I applaud your willingness to do the research! And I'll be looking forward to your final review, thanks!

  2. 123Sewinglights has an interesting philosophy it seems.
    "Make cheap stuff and charge a lot for it"

    The 221 version of the LED bulb is 20$ more than the bernina version, because they market it as being 'for featherweights'

    I'm using this bulb in a 401 I'm repairing. basically I will leave it on until I'm completely finished with the machine.