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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

When I said

some people seemed to not like my ad..
I wasn't kidding.

                             Allahna schriver wrote:

Look at that.  She is so smart.  I wrote because it is unusual to see such a demeaning ad on CL.  I knew immediately that you were a fat, unintelligent woman.  Living out her dream ordering other people around.  My observations should give you pause to think.  You are not in Manhattan.  I know you grew up in the East.  You are not there anymore.  My guess is that you are in your 50's, never worked on a career other than spreading your legs to pop out a few kids for that man that made all that money.  You know that it was your choice to get fat.  You had all that money to go to a gym.  You chose to sit on your fat ass.  I'll bet your husband was just dismayed, but stuck with a woman who had no career- no ambition- and too much time on her hands other than to order other people around.  How fortunate to own a lovely home.  You should be grateful that you are so fortunate to share such a lovely space with your  family.  Life has a way of reminding us to be humble.  
I think your fatness will lead you to breast cancer.  In fact, I know it will.  Then, when you are a hairless pig, you will not be so arrogant.   

Well then.. don't hide how you really feel there allahna!
But, next time, you might want to use an anonymous email address because using your own name to make this kind of email... is fairly stupid.

She was right on one thing...I am from the East!
But, no kids, three degrees, two business..yeah she's batting 1000

My response?

What a horrid little person you are. 

1 comment:

  1. very rude person she is :((( very sad that people can cancel there heart and mind and speck such stuff! but i don't doubt karma biting her bad!!