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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Today's finds and Bernina's big idea(mistake)

First off...
I found something really cool today that I am actually anxious to play with.
it's a slant shank darning/embroidery foot. In the original box. with the original manual. From 1958...
Yeah... this will work with the 400 500 600 series machines!


On to Bernina!
So I've been working on a 930 Record .
And it's got a bunch of upgrades from the 730(unlike the 830 which is basically  the 730 in an ugly dress).
But these upgrades come at a cost.
The engineering was , in my humbleish opinion, not quite where it needed to be to make this machine a total success.
The needle always finishes in the 'up' position. Which is great, except that the method they use to achieve this is really primitive and causes problems with the basting stitch selector.

Same with the bobbin winder.
The mechanism automatically disengages the needle bar /feed dogs when the bobbin winder is active.
But the mechanism is not the best designed.
So it can lock the needle bar while the bobbin thingy isn't open, and the sensor itself adds an amount of drag/noise to the workings of the machine.
Don't get me wrong, this is now one of my faves...but the engineering quality and the design of the 730 sing to me more.

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