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Friday, August 5, 2011

One more question:

Another friend asked me recently,
"Why do you continue to post on the PatternReview forum, after the way they treated you and given that it is full of people who just want to make themselves feel better about wasting thousands of dollars on stupid machines."(paraphrasing)
The answer is:
There  are a few reasons, some of which are tied to my earlier fashion rant.
No one gets to tell me what to do, apart from my spouse.
So why would I let someone else's behavior determine my actions?
There are quite a few people on that forum who I have a general fondness for(lisalu, lynnrowe, lts,jilly,the esteemable Mr. Bibendorf and more!)
So  if I can post something that helps one of them, it's not a waste of my time to be there.
But, I will never review another machine for them, nor will I post any how-to guides directly on that site.
I'm not a saint. 


  1. Well, I enjoy your blog posts AND your PR posts and I'm glad that you are writing in both spots.

  2. Thanks,
    I intend to keep writing as much as I can, in both places, as least as much as time allows.