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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Almost forgot

a while ago I ordered a few LED lights for the Berninas, from some guy on ebay.
They were very pricey, for a lightbulb, but if they work well, it's not a bad deal.

My reaction....

This is what I got:
Now, looking at this thing, it's pretty unimpressive.
whoever made it spent 0 time cleaning it up, there are dribbles of lucite all down the sides, and the surface of the bulb looks terrible.
Basically, on a visual analysis, it looks like some kid's science project that he got a B or less on.
Some of the circuits actually have parts sticking out of the lucite, I hope it doesnt come into contact with the metal of the machine...

Does it work?
Yeah. but at 30$, I expect more, to be frank.
If you want to sell these things, put the effort into polishing them so they look less haphazard.

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