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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

When I said

some people seemed to not like my ad..
I wasn't kidding.

                             Allahna schriver wrote:

Look at that.  She is so smart.  I wrote because it is unusual to see such a demeaning ad on CL.  I knew immediately that you were a fat, unintelligent woman.  Living out her dream ordering other people around.  My observations should give you pause to think.  You are not in Manhattan.  I know you grew up in the East.  You are not there anymore.  My guess is that you are in your 50's, never worked on a career other than spreading your legs to pop out a few kids for that man that made all that money.  You know that it was your choice to get fat.  You had all that money to go to a gym.  You chose to sit on your fat ass.  I'll bet your husband was just dismayed, but stuck with a woman who had no career- no ambition- and too much time on her hands other than to order other people around.  How fortunate to own a lovely home.  You should be grateful that you are so fortunate to share such a lovely space with your  family.  Life has a way of reminding us to be humble.  
I think your fatness will lead you to breast cancer.  In fact, I know it will.  Then, when you are a hairless pig, you will not be so arrogant.   

Well then.. don't hide how you really feel there allahna!
But, next time, you might want to use an anonymous email address because using your own name to make this kind of email... is fairly stupid.

She was right on one thing...I am from the East!
But, no kids, three degrees, two business..yeah she's batting 1000

My response?

What a horrid little person you are. 

Cooler weater

means longer dresses!

The Brother

is now in process.
figuring it all out sans manual may prove tricky, but I have feelers out there.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011
My ad...
Some people don't seem to like it!

It begins!

I will start work on this, the single cutest sewing machine ever made.
This is going to get bloody.


No new machines today..
but I did find something else.

A 1963 Sopwith Camel model kit!
I like buying old models, because frankly they look cool on my etsy shop. I don't particularly care if they sell or not!

For my own benefit

I added some black likes for color separation.
my design vs the original...

Monday, August 29, 2011

Dress design

for the modified dress!
The original design is a few posts down

It's Popeye!

The Sailor musicbox!
Made in 1980, this dancing Popeye music box is in great shape!
It'll go on the etsy thingy.

I'm going to start the design phase for the purple dress!
With this as my base design....we'll see where I end up!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

One more thingy!

So I finished the apron, but not just on the 319W,
I used one of the Berninas I just picked up as well.
And a Rocketeer.
It's going up on etsy for some ridiculous sum of money :D

Saturday, August 27, 2011

that thing

that I didn't know what it was?
It's an english embroidery needleplate for decorating around eyelets!
I even have the foot that goes with it.

Friday, August 26, 2011

today's finds

Griest decorative zz'er.
Whenever I see these I pick them up.
They are usually put in the wrong section, hardware or some such.

Picked up

another 830 yesterday...
I am fairly certain it was a salesperson's tool kit.
Because it's a Record Electronic....with EVERYTHING.
these are some of the not so common things.
It has the standard box o stuff. but it also has a cut n sew, a book of fabric samples, a leather wheel, and that thing on the bottom right...
(I don't know that it is)

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Almost forgot

a while ago I ordered a few LED lights for the Berninas, from some guy on ebay.
They were very pricey, for a lightbulb, but if they work well, it's not a bad deal.

My reaction....

This is what I got:
Now, looking at this thing, it's pretty unimpressive.
whoever made it spent 0 time cleaning it up, there are dribbles of lucite all down the sides, and the surface of the bulb looks terrible.
Basically, on a visual analysis, it looks like some kid's science project that he got a B or less on.
Some of the circuits actually have parts sticking out of the lucite, I hope it doesnt come into contact with the metal of the machine...

Does it work?
Yeah. but at 30$, I expect more, to be frank.
If you want to sell these things, put the effort into polishing them so they look less haphazard.

A Singer deluxe monogrammer.
Now these things are a no brainer, when I see them, I buy them. It's got 14 cams/guides, and it's in great shape. 

In the box with it was a set of cams for the regular monogrammer too.

sitting here,

preparing to go do my hunting thing..
and I came up with a new idea.

See, I go looking for machines/accessories all the time.
While I'm out looking for that stuff, I occasionally pick up other vintage doodads, which end up in my etsy shop.

So, I think I may start sharing those finds here as well, what I buy, and WHY.
Admittedly, this is the very pinnacle of vanity, but then again... I write a blog almost 3 times a day...that ship has long since sailed

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Picked up a new machine

in a nice cabinet today.
The machine is basically a parts machine. I can use it to repair other 400 series machines.
but the cabinet is neat!
It's got the same integrated rheostat as the 1200 tables, and the same legs, but with a more traditional table top

Monday, August 22, 2011

So, headway!
The machine is coming back to life bit by bit.
And in the process I am making an apron, which I will then put up on my etsy shop.
Why is this apron going up for sale?
I have no idea.

Floral apron

with the appropriate dress!

One down,

one begun.
The black 319W is done and sews like a champ.
next up:

The GREEN 319W.
I got this one off of ebay in non-functional condition.
nothing works :)
But it does have the original mint green power cord/foot control.

Almost forgot,
I ordered a few bobbin cases for these machines from a DIFFERENT ebay store, and I got PERFECT examples of the right case.
I can't really speak to any of their other products, as I haven't purchased them, but the bobbin case is definitely not the cheap knock off I got from the other store.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Re-tested the monogrammer with the correct thingy...
It works!


I'm an idiot, part Duh!

So I did a test with the Monogrammer and it did some really weird stuff...
And then a few minutes ago it dawned on me... I hadn't set the machine to zigzag, it was on a decorative pattern.....

Oh well. At least I have a new apron!
One of the best things about being me:
each machine I work on(for myself or others) I create at least ONE garment on.
it's the best way for me to make sure I have made everything optimal

New blue apron

made on the 319W I've been working on:
it's a little more coverage than my normal aprons, the shoulder straps and bib were both a bit wider than average!

also found a Singer monogrammer. Now it says it's for the 700 series, but I am betting with the right plate it will work just fine with a Rocketeer!
Stay tuned to find out!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

It looks like..

I will be teaching a class....
Local sewing instructor has asked me about teaching a basic maintenance class....

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

one solved

Remember that whole "grrr the thread is doing weird things" post?
Yeah, figured it out.
After rebuilding the tensions.
and the bobbin hook/race.....

I actually WATCHED what was going wrong.
See that long part that connects to the bobbin case?
Well it was too tight....
that's it.
So I spent 2 seconds and loosened it, and the machine is now in amazing shape...
Je suis tres stupide!


I ordered a bunch of bobbin cases for the 319s I'm working on , and some spares.
 I went by the Singer part # and the picture the seller posted on eBay.
Part # was right, picture was right....
The one on the LEFT is an original Singer part.
And that's what the picture looked like.
The one on the RIGHT is what they sent me.
I've pointed at the difference.
The tension is not the same because one of them is enclosed...

here's the ad photo, you can PLAINLY see the difference

Another question!

From the Gallery:
"What do you do when you come across a machine that you can't repair?"

The answer:
I'll let you know when that happens.


So for some reason the 319 I've been working on has just decided to go all wonky on me (that's the technical term)
It's making thread loops on the bottom of epic proportions....
I rebuilt the tension, no dice.
I messed with the bobbin tension, nada.
Maybe I knocked the timing out again somehow...

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Retimed the new 319

The stitch pattern cams need a bit more loosening, but really... very happy with how well he's turning out!
I'm going to keep Fester though, and sell this one(when it's finished)
Fester's finish is a bit more damaged.

This guy is just about perfect!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Took the weekend off..

well sort of.
I didn't d any posting, but I still worked on machines...
Yeah, what does it say when your 'job' and your recreation are the same thing?

I dunno...

So the new 319...
well, I took the bobbin race/hook etc apart for cleaning.
And then I redid the timing,
It's actually working fairly well, there are still a few issues to resolve, but the mechanism is solid, and it stitches well

Friday, August 12, 2011

Some new machines..

I picked up a few new machines yesterday, and they all need a bit of work.

                                                   This Nova 900 needs it's foot control repaired. 
There are these little carbon brushes in the pedal, and they are broken.
SO, I am going to reshape a pair of normal motor brushes....

Also, Supernova with accessories, 401A, annnnnnddd..
A 319W! Yay! This is only the second one of these tanks I've ever seen up for sale.
And I bought the first one too.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

a replacement

for my lavender apron, I got stuff on it and it's pretty well stained now.
So, it gets replaced for normal duty and gets put into the dirty jobs apron pile.


Tuesday, August 9, 2011

And the hunt goes on....

for a decent maid.
I've had a few interviews, and the most promising one turned too hinky for me.
Such is life.

I will no doubt find the perfect domestic eventually...
I'm picky, I'm particular, and I am a bit on the demanding side...

You know..

I'm getting fairly decent at boxing up machines to ship!
I build boxes around each machine, from scratch.
that way I know they'll be a snug fit.
and I only cut myself once this time!


a 500A for shipping is not as easy as it seems!

Monday, August 8, 2011


Where I get the stuff I use is as important to me as what I do with it.
For instance:
That underwear set was made form a mismatched King sheet I got in a thriftstore for 1$
The apron was made from a 15 yard bolt I got at a different thriftstore for 5$.
I use lace, thread, and embellishments I get from second hand shops.
Now some things I have to purchase new.. but I am always looking for better sources!

fixed that image

I really don't know how I didn't notice the enormous white space at the bottom...

Sunday, August 7, 2011

for my shorter summer dresses I designed a shorter underwear set!

It's the final lace-down!

Final bits of lace applied.
The 930, she is good.

I picked up a Bernina 830 Record today, so the next thing I make, a new lavender apron, will be made on that!

Saturday, August 6, 2011

added more lace, to the shoulder straps...
What can I say? I like frilly!


done on the 930 I'm working on.
I may add additional lace to it...
The jury is still out

Friday, August 5, 2011

One more question:

Another friend asked me recently,
"Why do you continue to post on the PatternReview forum, after the way they treated you and given that it is full of people who just want to make themselves feel better about wasting thousands of dollars on stupid machines."(paraphrasing)
The answer is:
There  are a few reasons, some of which are tied to my earlier fashion rant.
No one gets to tell me what to do, apart from my spouse.
So why would I let someone else's behavior determine my actions?
There are quite a few people on that forum who I have a general fondness for(lisalu, lynnrowe, lts,jilly,the esteemable Mr. Bibendorf and more!)
So  if I can post something that helps one of them, it's not a waste of my time to be there.
But, I will never review another machine for them, nor will I post any how-to guides directly on that site.
I'm not a saint. 

Couple of additional things!

1. This blog is now, and shall remain, a politics free zone. I may occasionally exhort you to support your local environmental activists(Sea Shepherd etc) but that's as far as it's ever going to go.

2. I would like to thank Montavilla sewing centers here in Portland. See, a good 75% of my business comes from people that have gone there first and been unhappy. So, as long as they keep doing their thing...I'll be drinking fabulous coffee!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Today's finds and Bernina's big idea(mistake)

First off...
I found something really cool today that I am actually anxious to play with.
it's a slant shank darning/embroidery foot. In the original box. with the original manual. From 1958...
Yeah... this will work with the 400 500 600 series machines!


On to Bernina!
So I've been working on a 930 Record .
And it's got a bunch of upgrades from the 730(unlike the 830 which is basically  the 730 in an ugly dress).
But these upgrades come at a cost.
The engineering was , in my humbleish opinion, not quite where it needed to be to make this machine a total success.
The needle always finishes in the 'up' position. Which is great, except that the method they use to achieve this is really primitive and causes problems with the basting stitch selector.

Same with the bobbin winder.
The mechanism automatically disengages the needle bar /feed dogs when the bobbin winder is active.
But the mechanism is not the best designed.
So it can lock the needle bar while the bobbin thingy isn't open, and the sensor itself adds an amount of drag/noise to the workings of the machine.
Don't get me wrong, this is now one of my faves...but the engineering quality and the design of the 730 sing to me more.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011


I have a maid candidate whom I think has tremendous potential.
Interviewed today and was fairly impressed, she's definitely trainable :)

And I got a new 221


930 to the left 730 to the right.
Personally, I think the 730 looks better.
The 930 has a lot of features that are nice though.
The one I'm working on is in pretty great shape, apart from the normal stuff associated with disuse.

I just picked up another 221 centennial too, and it needs some serious work..
I'm going to have to replace the feed dogs. good thing for me that I am me!

Becoming a fan

of Bernina, the more I work on their old machines.
The 830 is not much of an improvement over the 730. But the 930 is pretty dang neat.
I just wish they'd kept the rounded forms...

Monday, August 1, 2011

Busy like an ant...

this last month has been crazzzzyyyyyy!

Right now I have a few more machines in the shop to work on, a Bernina 930 and a Featherweight.
I'm shipping a Rocketeer NORTH...

And I have a huge heap of restorations to complete...
etc etc etc

Oh and I finally decided to figure out my 1956 Pacesetter and get that thing up and sewing!