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Saturday, July 2, 2011

The results..

are in.

I started using the Bernina thinking about all the stories I've heard about how finicky they are. How the bobbin hook area needs to be kept absolutely spotless etc.
Well, I was pleasantly surprised by how non-twitchy this machine really was. I don't really have the patience/desire to baby a sewing machine. 
If it doesn't do what I need it to, then I've got 60bajillion others to chose from.

Without the adapter foot, I can see the price of Bernina feet becoming an issue.
50$ for a ruffler? Are they smocking crack?
But a little 14$ foot ordered online gave that machine access to the entire catalog of Singer!

So, brass tacks time.

The bobbin winder on the Record 730 is one of the strangest apparatuses I have yet to encounter.
I'll show you what I mean:
you open this lid

to get at this stuff.

you then need to extend the winding arm, the thread goes 
around it in a clearly marked way that will no doubt have you 
checking your sanity..

But, apart from this one thing, I love this machine.
The stitch quality is excellent. The motor is not ridiculously loud. The foot thingy is really easy to change, it has 2 speed settings....

I'll post pics of the new dress soon, it needs an additional row of ruffles.(it's a bit too short....)

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