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Saturday, July 30, 2011

A dear friend of mine.....

asked me a very good question:

"Why do you dress the way you do?"

But in order to understand the question, you need to understand the reason behind it.
I don't wear jeans.
I tend to dress in a style that's a combination of old fashioned/costuming/madwoman.
I don't always wear the corset, but I do always wear the pantaloons and shift.
Over that I wear either layers of petticoats or a hoop skirt, depending on the weather.
I wear a dress, always with a full skirt, the length varies during the year.
And over that I wear an apron. I do a lot of messy things working on these machines, and I didn't make beautiful dresses just so I could ruin them. Thus, the apron.

Which brings us back to why.

Modern fashion is, in my humble opinion, dreadful.
I don't mean the parades of bizarre costuming that occur in the 'fashion centers' like Paris and Milan, and then go absolutely nowhere.
I mean the choices you have when you actually go shopping for clothing.
Because let's face it, not everybody can make their own dresses.
Look at your malls, your boutiques...
You'll see there are basically 3 types of clothing available for women, and they are somewhat regimented by age group.
1. The Prostitute- Most of the clothing for younger women are designed to make them look like Brittney Spears, i.e. like whores. You've seen the preteen girls in outfits that would have made Marlena Dietrich blush.
Ridiculous. You want to know why kids rebel? Because parents aren't standing up for them, against this insane ideal that makes them feel horrible about themselves.
2. The Guy-Wannabe- Once your 30s are behind you, it becomes the norm for women, especially women who wish to be taken seriously, to dress like they wish they were men.
This is another power game. Because femininity is perceived as weaker than masculinity and as of less importance.
3. The Dowager- Fashions for older women, 60s and later, tend to want to make them look like they are Harlequins. Brightly colored ridiculous pantsuits with beaded appliques of all sorts of inanity. Just because you've gotten older doesn't mean you've gone color blind.

I think that there is nothing weak about being feminine.
There is nothing wrong with NOT wanting to look like a man.
I do not work in a coal mine, nor do I dig ditches for a living.
I am not a prostitute, or a nun.
I am myself, and my selection of clothing styles/outfits reflects the confidence I have in who I am.

"But dresses are impractical!" you say?
I removed the carpeting from a stairwell in my house, and refinished the wood underneath. As well as laying tile on the landing. And I did it in MY clothing.

Why do I dress this way?
Two reasons:
1. I enjoy it.
2. To show you it's possible.


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