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Tuesday, February 3, 2015


Gonna be down for a while, but when I come back I have great things planned!
More manser dresses and .

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

New Kimono for Volks

This one's going up on the etsy shop

Out of my head and off my chest

So, there's this thing going around about this New Zealand crafter who's stripping the paint off of Bratz dolls and giving them non-glamorous paint jobs and plain clothing.

It's kind of an interesting idea on the face of it.
But there are some problems.

1, The execution is poor. No one seems to want to say"Wow this would be a great idea if the clothing/repaints were done a bit less crappy."

2. The concept exposes a HUGE anti feminine bias.

Let's face it, people get worked up about how those dolls look.
They're too sexy, their makeup is too hookerish, they wear slutty outfits.

You know who says these things?

Kids see a brightly colored doll with exaggerated features.
They see fun and happy.

Adults who can't distinguish between fantasy and reality are the ones with a big issue here.
You know the types who believe in imaginary friends, and have been against D&D and it's ilk.

The probelm: none of the boy dolls are treated to the same level of scrutiny.
Because at worst the Bratz girls want to be pretty, and at worst GI Joe figures want to murder people(the Cobra agents are a terrorist organization that no one seems to have any issue with boys playing)
Why the double standard?
Why is it NOT okay for a girl to want to play with something that is feminine, but it's fine for boys to play with over the top machismo?
The answer is because we place a much lesser value on the feminine.
It is treated as being wrong or bad.
Masculine = good, feminine=bad.

The worst part is that it's  'feminists' who are doing this....(mostly)

So there we go!
a first sissy outfit for MH boys!

Monday, January 26, 2015

For the MH boys

I'm making some "sissy" outfits as well!

Pumpkin shorts with a tunic top dress!
The future versions I have planned are going to be much much more frilly!
This was just a proof of concept attempt.

Friday, January 23, 2015

Another try

at the hanbok thing!

Greater contrast colors, and I changed he jacket around a bit to reflect a correct hanbok jacket!

I think I may specialize in lolita versions of Asian outfits.
Those things are super uncomfortable!